In the Corruption Perceptions Index, the Czech Republic moved up 16 places between 2012 and 2018, to 38th place in the world. We are convinced that Czechia can similarly improve in other areas.

VISION Movement

The program of the political movement VISION for Czechia is inspired by Jan Amos Komenský’s (Comenius) book “Happiness of the Nation”. We consider values ​​such as honesty, responsibility, and dedication as keys to prosperity and strive for an increased level of education and competitiveness, acceleration of the functioning of the judiciary, professional state administration and greater involvement of citizens in decision-making. Many of our visions on how to strengthen the position of the Czech Republic in various areas correspond to the visions described in the book New Chance.


VISION for Czechia builds on Judeo-Christian traditions
and values such as functional family and the importance of church
and public benefit communities for prosperity of the whole country.
  • We consider the education of the young generation to be essential, especially to honesty, responsibility, and public engagement. A high level of education is the basis for fulfilling the potential of the nation

  • We seek to increase the competitiveness of the Czech economy and to promote innovative projects and technologies and greater cooperation between the public and private sectors.

  • We propose economically sustainable measures which can stimulate demographic growth.  At the same time, we support investments that can provide increased financial security of elderly citizens.

  • We promote the strengthening of the economic self-sufficiency of municipalities and regions and seek to ensure that social and health services of high quality are accessible to the citizens who need them.

  • We promote economically effective management of the mineral resources of our country and strive to reduce corruption not only in this area, but in the entire public sector.

  • We prefer a greater degree of independence of individual states within the European Union, while developing cooperation in areas significant for ensuring the security of citizens.

  • We believe it is important to ensure that international agreements are concluded in a transparent manner, if possible after prior public debate, and that they contain fair conditions for all involved parties.

  • At local, national, and European level, we support personalities who have high moral credit, integrity, and a vision for wise and balanced public governance.

We are a team

Mgr. Libor Michálek, MPA


Born in 1968, married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Libor devoted his professional life to protection of economic interests of the state, namely in the National Property Fund, the Securities Commission, the Czech National Bank and the State Environmental Fund. 
From 2012 to 2018, he served as a senator focusing on reducing corruption. He is the author of the book New Chance for the 2nd Century of Our Republic, which described in more detail several the movement’s visions.

Bohuslav Zapadlo


Born in 1973, trained in textile production. He first worked in manual occupations, and later gained experience in the field of trade during his 3year stay in London. He studied at Šumava Bible School and began his spiritual ministry in the town of Aš and later served in Prague. In recent years, he has been cooperating with Christian politicians and church leaders in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

Mgr. Andrea Haines

Republic Council member

Born in 1977, holder of master’s degree in Teaching of Music and Czech Language and Literature from the Faculty of Education at University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice. In the past worked as a secondary school music teacher in Great Britain, in the Czech Republic as a language lecturer, translator, and interpreter. At the moment, she focuses on project management and a life coaching. Her main area of responsibility in Vision movement is communication.


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Please send donations only to the account 226552473/0600 (on the left). In the payment transaction note state your name, surname, date of birth, municipality of permanent residence and the purpose of the transaction (e.g., gift for activities of the movement or gift for election campaign). If the gift exceeds CZK 1,000, please download the Deed of Gift (available in the Documents section) and send it completed and signed to the movement’s address. Thank you for your support.

Transparent account for gifts:
Moneta Money Bank, 226552473/0600

Transparentní účet

Account for Prague 9 Senate elections campaign:
Moneta Money Bank, 228134726/0600

Volební účet

Overview of gifts for Senate Election for Prague 9

Jméno Příjmení Obec trvalého pobytu datum narození výše daru Datum
Roman Nedbal Heřmanův Městec 27.12.70 300 22.01.19
Marcela Láníková Praha 9 25.04.64 1 000 11.02.19
Jaroslav Činčala Břeclav 26.01.74 10 000 11.02.19
Jiřina Hlávková Česká Lípa 02.10.57 1 000 11.02.19
Eva Václavíková Svojkov 06.03.67 2 000 11.02.19
Hana Zahradníčková Česká Lípa 22.09.55 1 000 11.02.19
Alfred Satke Teplá 02.06.37 500 11.02.19
Jana Říhová Praha 3 11.04.64 500 13.02.19
Daniel Žingor Bělotín 25.07.70 10 000 14.02.19
Martin Satke Plzeň 30.01.84 500 19.02.19
Stanislava Pattonová Praha 6 01.11.53 1 000 19.02.19
Martin Lupták Olomouc 10.04.74 1 000 22.02.19
Milouš Špáta Ústí nad Labem 02.08.66 5 25.02.19
Tomáš Frantík Praha 8 25.02.60 3 000 25.02.19
Roman Nedbal Heřmanův Městec 27.12.70 300 26.02.19
MFH Turnov IČ     02058847 30 000 12.03.19
Marcela Láníková Praha 9 25.04.64 500 15.03.19
Lukáš Mixánek Turnov 03.03.84 3 000 15.03.19
Vladimír Mařík Praha 5 25.06.52 10 000 18.03.19
Lukáš Michálek Hostivice 09.12.94 20 000 19.03.19
Victory Czech, s.r.o. Bílina IČ    25031082 10 000 20.03.19
David Michálek Praha 2 08.01.91 15 000 22.03.19
Libor Michálek Chýně 14.12.68 30 000 25.03.19
Roman Nedbal Heřmanův Městec 27.12.70 300 26.03.19
Kamil Sukovský Hořovice 06.11.71 10 000 01.04.19
Passer Invest Group Praha 4 IČ    26118963 25 000 01.04.19
Celkem 185905

Overview of gratuitous supplies and services Prague 9

Dárce (jméno, příjmení, obec obchodní firma nebo název PO, sídlo) Datum narození nebo IČ Obvyklá cena  Kč Bezúplatné plnění
Libor Michálek, Chýně 14.12.68 20 000 reklamní předměty
MAFRA, a.s., Praha 5 IČ      45313351 16 500 sleva inzerce
VIZE pro Česko, Praha 5 IČ      07301600 7 200 práce brigádníků
Stratego Consulting s.r.o., Praha 10 IČ      25792920 9 900 sleva inzerce
InsiderMedia, s.r.o. IČ      28993217 5 000 sleva outdoor
Karel Holub 2 800 práce dobrovolníka
Jana Semilská, Praha 5 07.03.61 800 práce dobrovolníka
Lenka Šejbová, Praha 9 16.12.59 800 práce dobrovolníka
Martin Schwartz 600 práce dobrovolníka
Jozef Palasthy, Zavazna Poruba 15.04.87 400 práce dobrovolníka
Anna Slobodová 300 práce dobrovolníka
Magda Hlaváčková 300 práce dobrovolníka


Political movement VISION for Czechia
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